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25 November 2014

COSTA DIADEMA Maiden Voyage 1st November 2014

Part 1
31st October 2014

An Italian ship-shaped Welcome to Venice Airport

After a train ride from Venice to Trieste, a taxi dropped me and one of my travelling companions right outside the Savoia Excelsior Palace Hotel, Trieste; just across the road was the COSTA DIADEMA!

I checked into my sea-facing room and this was the lovely sight from the balcony.

In the hotel's foyer was the wonderful model of the REX, all hand-made by the maritime author Maurizio Eliseo.

After the sun set we walked along the quay to enjoy the sight of COSTA DIADEMA, and her reflection in the water.

The Costa logo on the funnel


There was a wonderful fireworks display just before midnight, which our little group viewed from one of the hotel balconies. The sounds echoed round the hills of the little city of Trieste and provided a lovely ending to a happy day. Tomorrow we check in and board the COSTA DIADEMA for her maiden voyage from here in Trieste.

To be continued....