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31 January 2017

SOVEREIGN 24th September 2016 (part 4)

Monday 26th September 2016
We arrived at the port of Olbia at 8 a.m. and well before that I was on deck enjoying seeing the other ships coming and going. I had been here only a couple of weeks ago but it was still fun to enjoy this port, and this time I was on board SOVEREIGN rather than watching her come in to Olbia!

Luigi P.A., the Moby Cargo ship. It was still before sunrise and I was looking across the bay.

This was another Moby Cargo vessel, called Pietro Manunta

We approached our berth at Olbia and could see Cruise Smeralda and Athara

It was almost sunrise over the nearby high mountain, so we had a lovely view of another vessel approaching the harbour

We turned, to come in astern onto our berth

Deck view forward

By now the sun had appeared over the mountain and gave us unexpected views of Moby Otta coming through the approach channel

Our mooring ropes were being handled by a man in the tiny Caterina

We could see Cruise Olbia, Moby Aki and Sea Cloud II

Janus was berthing nearby

The changing light gave me this view of Moby Otta

Moby Otta turning, ready to berth

Artwork, seen as I headed for breakfast

Ruby red glass door handles

Several of us walked around the port to photograph the ships, and then into town to enjoy a walking tour of our own.

The ex-Bimini Superfast, registered in Panama; the name could just be seen under the current name of Cruise Olbia

Moby Aki from the quayside

The colourful Moby Otta with those lovely aft decks

Sea Cloud II

We returned to the ship by a shuttle bus, ready for lunch and a restful afternoon before sailing late afternoon.

Pietro Manunta as we left Olbia

Mega Express Three, a mile or so away as we left Olbia

Tonight is scheduled to be a Black & White Night, with many passengers prepared for that; we enjoyed drinks, dinner and conversation.

Ships seen: Cruise Smeralda (Grimaldi), Athara (Tirrenia), Cruise Olbia (Grimaldi) previously the Bimini Superfast registered in Panama, Moby Aki, Luigi P.A. (Moby Cargo), Pietro Manunta (Moby Cargo), Caterina (the harbour ropes man), Sea Cloud II, Mega Express Three (Corsica Ferries/Sardinia Ferries), Moby Otta

To be continued...

SOVEREIGN 24th September 2016 (part 3)

Sunday 25th September 2016 - Day 2
This is a sea day, as we sail across the Mediterranean towards tomorrow's port of Olbia in Sardinia. My diary says that I had breakfast at 10.45 and then went to a small conference room to hear Cruise Excursions information in English, from the cheerful Monika.

Deck plan

The theatre

Another view in the theatre

A photograph taken at London Gatwick airport of some rather unusual wallpaper - modern and theatrical I thought, and a clever nod to London

The inch of gold is alive and well...

Unexpected artwork

View into the Atrium

The glass lifts in the atrium

Looking down into the atrium

Sea and sunshine

Sea view

The rest of the sunny day passed happily and our group met again for Gala Dinner that night. We were given scrolls with the set Menu details, the females wore 'posh frocks' and we all had a very enjoyable meal and evening.

To be continued...

29 January 2017

SOVEREIGN 24th September 2016 (part 2)

Saturday 24th September 2016
I was up and breakfasted in my La Rambla hotel when the gunfire started. Yes, real gunfire, and I could see from my balcony the smoke getting nearer and nearer. Nobody seemed to be panicking so I asked the receptionist what was happening and she told me it was Barcelona's Saints' Day and weekend, and this was part of the celebrations.

Saints Day gunfire

More of the procession coming nearer

The men and guns


Gunfire smoke

The gunfire continued and the noise reverberated amongst the other tall old buildings around me; soon I could see the men in their white shirts, black trousers and red sashes nearby where they turned into a side road and into another part of the Gothic Quarter behind me. At the same time there was more activity from the other direction and a procession arrived. It was stilt-walkers, wearing huge and decorative costumes, walking up the middle of La Rambla, accompanied by various other people in costumes. I understand the stilt-walkers represented all the Saints of the city - there were dozens of them! The costumes were amazing and wonderful to see and musicians seemed to be accompanying them too.

The Saints



Even more

As the procession passed and turned into the Gothic Quarter behind me, following the gun fire, I checked out and left the hotel and walked down La Rambla in the sunshine to get the local bus to take me to the cruise terminal. There I met several fellow travellers, and could hand in my small suitcase (such a novelty after so much travelling with a rucksack!). We are to sail on the good ship SOVEREIGN, belonging to the Spanish brand PULLMANTUR. That done, we could return to the city and enjoy a harbour tour on the little OMNIBUS. As well as several cruise ships in port, we enjoyed seeing a little vessel tucked away in Port Vells fishing area of the port. CONSTANCIA had delightful lines, and I later discovered she was built in 1947 at 210 gross tons as a yacht named BREMEN.

SNAV Adriatico

Grimaldi's Eurocargo Genova


Navigator of the Seas

Mein Schiff 3

Port Vells fishing fleet area

Constancia - just look at that sheer

Constancia's other side

Salvage Tug

Constancia as we returned to the harbour

Two of us walked back to the ship so we could take photos on the way, queued to check in at the terminal and once on board could head for Deck 11 and buffet lunch. Our fare is all inclusive on this ship and we were all happy to start enjoying the Spanish Cava.

Pool Party

Independence of the Seas

Soon it was time for Boat Drill; we sailed out of Barcelona in the late warm sunshine and I could take photos of the GNV vessel Stena Nordica which I saw in the distance at a very remote part of the harbour.

Stena Nordica, in GNV colours

The laid-up Stena Nordica

Sky Bar/Viking Crown Lounge from the deck

Our group of 14 had been allocated first sitting dinner, at two tables, at 7.30 p.m. which suited us nicely. Our venue for meeting after dinner was the Sky Bar on deck 14, otherwise known to us as the Viking Crown Lounge for the rest of the cruise. That was the end of an enjoyable first day.

Ships seen: Sovereign, SNAV Adriatico, Eurocargo Genova of Grimaldi, Super-Fast Levante, Navigator of the Seas, MEIN Schiff 3, Constancia (a small attractive vessel built in 1947 at 210 gross as the yacht Bremen), Omnibus for the harbour tour, Independence of the Seas, London Express container ship, Stena Nordica with GNV

To be continued...