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SOVEREIGN 24th September 2016 (part 4)

Monday 26th September 2016
We arrived at the port of Olbia at 8 a.m. and well before that I was on deck enjoying seeing the other ships coming and going. I had been here only a couple of weeks ago but it was still fun to enjoy this port, and this time I was on board SOVEREIGN rather than watching her come in to Olbia!

Luigi P.A., the Moby Cargo ship. It was still before sunrise and I was looking across the bay.

This was another Moby Cargo vessel, called Pietro Manunta

We approached our berth at Olbia and could see Cruise Smeralda and Athara

It was almost sunrise over the nearby high mountain, so we had a lovely view of another vessel approaching the harbour

We turned, to come in astern onto our berth

Deck view forward

By now the sun had appeared over the mountain and gave us unexpected views of Moby Otta coming through the approach channel

Our mooring ropes were being handled by a man in the tiny Caterina

We could see Cruise Olbia, Moby Aki and Sea Cloud II

Janus was berthing nearby

The changing light gave me this view of Moby Otta

Moby Otta turning, ready to berth

Artwork, seen as I headed for breakfast

Ruby red glass door handles

Several of us walked around the port to photograph the ships, and then into town to enjoy a walking tour of our own.

The ex-Bimini Superfast, registered in Panama; the name could just be seen under the current name of Cruise Olbia

Moby Aki from the quayside

The colourful Moby Otta with those lovely aft decks

Sea Cloud II

We returned to the ship by a shuttle bus, ready for lunch and a restful afternoon before sailing late afternoon.

Pietro Manunta as we left Olbia

Mega Express Three, a mile or so away as we left Olbia

Tonight is scheduled to be a Black & White Night, with many passengers prepared for that; we enjoyed drinks, dinner and conversation.

Ships seen: Cruise Smeralda (Grimaldi), Athara (Tirrenia), Cruise Olbia (Grimaldi) previously the Bimini Superfast registered in Panama, Moby Aki, Luigi P.A. (Moby Cargo), Pietro Manunta (Moby Cargo), Caterina (the harbour ropes man), Sea Cloud II, Mega Express Three (Corsica Ferries/Sardinia Ferries), Moby Otta

To be continued...