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11 October 2022

Carnival Pride 10th June 2022 - Final Part

Saturday 18th June 2022 Today is called our Fun Farewell day at Sea, here on board CARNIVAL PRIDE. We left Bergen yesterday evening and are now heading south toward the UK. There is a clear sky outside and the sea is calmer, and when I looked out of my cabin window to enjoy being at sea I noticed a bird with black wing tips flying along. He was some distance away from us but flying on a parallel course for some time. I noticed him particularly because he was going faster than us! We four friends have arranged to meet for Sea Day Brunch together but first we met at 10 a.m. in a bar for coffee, before going into the Normandie Restaurant. After that meal my diary says we went to a General Knowledge quiz. I believe we did well, but not enough to win the trophy. It seems I've been nominated as the person to take our team trophy home, so I shall be happy to do that. We are doing 21 knots and the outside air temperature is said to be 58F, so all is well with our sailing south.
Heading home
Inch of Gold
Sunset Garden
In the Sunset Garden Time then was spent having a rest, a walk around the ship for fresh air, and discovering the Sunset Garden walkway around the back of the theatre on Deck 3. I also noticed a stall selling the well-known Inch of Gold, that seems very popular on some ships. I think we all needed a snack then and an ice-cream in a cone just for a change. I met an Irish-American lady and her travelling companion again in one of the Piazzas and enjoyed having a chat with her. She is really enjoying her trip overseas and we all like hearing her gentle accent when we meet. Her companion seems to enjoy reading whatever book she is carrying that day, so we all smile and greet each other before reading or talking. Then it was home and packing my little suitcase ready to leave outside my cabin tonight, before preparing for drinks and dinner this evening with my Fun Friends. In the Normandie Restaurant we enjoyed our meal as usual and thanked the staff who had looked after us during the cruise. Of course I had to hand back the cushion that one of my friends had borrowed from the Serenity area on board for me, and I'd enjoyed its use for many meals. We spent some time enjoying the music in the Ivory Piano Bar before each heading home and setting personal alarms for an early start tomorrow.
Sunday 19th June 2022 My alarm went off at 5 a.m. and after dressing I went up to the Lido Buffet for a quick breakfast. We were safely in Dover and my suitcase had hopefully been taken ashore for me to collect once the ship had been cleared. I met one friend in the buffet and said fond farewells to him before heading back down to my cabin to collect my jacket and then head up again to meet another friend. He and I had arranged to travel on an early train from Dover train station so we headed ashore to collect my suitcase from the passenger shed, then get a taxi to the station. The platforms were very busy but the 8 a.m. train arrived, heading from here in Dover to London. I was to get off at Ashford International Station, after another fond farewell with my train friend. Once there I had enough time before my connecting train, for coffee and croissant in a station cafe. On my final train I enjoyed the sunshine on the journey, until I could get off to take a taxi to my home. There I was, happily back home again, after a very enjoyable Fun time on board the CARNIVAL PRIDE with my Fun Friends.

10 October 2022

CARNIVAL PRIDE 10th June 2022 Part 8

Friday 17th June 2022 This morning we arrived in Bergen at 7 a.m. It was raining hard and it got worse. This is so disappointing for many of us, but maybe it will change later.
Three of us met for Dining Room breakfast at 8 a.m., as it is due to close at 8.30. Two of us decided to walk into town, despite the weather, so we met and after crossing the old railway lines just beyond the terminal buildings, we headed off towards the Rosenkrantz Tower.
Bryggen is an historic harbour district, established as a trade centre by the 12th Century. I read that in 1350 the Hanseatic League established an Office in Bergen and eventually established four overseas Offices, Bryggen being the only one preserved today. The area has been damaged by fire many times over the years but always rebuilt after each one. This is happening today and what we can walk around and see. This area is a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1979 and the website says: " The buildings are made of wood in keeping with vernacular building traditions. The original compact medieval urban structure is preserved with its long narrow rows of buildings facing the harbour, separated by narrow wooden passages." This was a very interesting place to visit, with many of the owners outside their establishments.
Then we went to the Maritime Museum. I was particularly interested to see some of the wall posters showing ships visiting the port in 1930 to 2021. That must have included Father's visits on the ARANDORA STAR way back in those early days. I was interested to see an old lifebelt from the Hurtigruten's NORDSTERNEN which I enjoyed sailing on in July 2011.
I remember I also saw a 1931 photograph of FINNMARKEN; that reminded me that I visited the new 2002 FINNMARKEN in April 2002 in Southampton as I have a delightful china coffee mug that I was given on board. Anyway, back outside on the quayside here in Bergen there were crowds around the stalls buying all sorts of local products. It was still raining hard and this was when my friend and I decided it was time to go home and dry off on the ship.
Back on board was so lovely after the weather outside and my wet outside gear was soon hanging up to dry in my bathroom whilst I went in search of a good pot of tea. Passengers were due back on board by 4.30 but I could hear no preparations for our departure and it seems that one of the excursion coaches had been delayed. It finally arrived back at 5.15 and the poor passengers had to make their way back from the quayside outside the fencing and get on board. They looked very pleased to be climbing the gangway onto the ship. I met my friends for dinner that evening and we enjoyed that as usual, as well as the show. I see from my diary that we were in a bar on deck 2 that evening at 10.15 and the sun came out from behind a few clouds and shone on my face. I have one photo of my wristwatch at midnight and it was still sunny. Life is amazing isn't it, when we are lucky enough to travel. The clocks on board go back tonight and we have a sea day tomorrow so that will get us back to British Summer Time when we dock in the UK on Sunday morning. Ships seen: Carnival Pride, Havila Capella which is unable to move at present for legal reasons, Europa 2, Norwegian Star, Northland To be continued...

07 October 2022

Carnival Pride 10th June 2022 Part 7

Thursday 16th June 2022 Today the ship has arrived in Olden, which is far inland and north on the map, and 'the gateway to the glaciers' according to one plan. The fjord looks beautiful here at the furthest point of it, with high snow-covered mountains towering way above us. There are shops near the terminal area and a village further along so we have plans to walk along the waterside this morning and enjoy the cold and the views.
The valley in fact goes a long way further inland from where we are berthed but is not navigable for us. When we arrived on deck this morning we discovered that the cruise ship ISLAND PRINCESS is at anchor on the far side of the fjord and her passengers have to go ashore by tender, so we feel very fortunate to be where we are. One friend is working today but later told us that there had been a power cut in the night for about half an hour. He had noticed that our speed had dropped and so he got up and dressed, to check with staff. They said that our speed had dropped to only about 3 nautical miles an hour before recovering, but all was well eventually. He also discovered during the day that there was no on- line internet access via the ship and he had to use his own phone to be able to work. That was thoughtful of him to check during the night. After breakfast three of us went ashore for a brisk walk, which of course had to start in one of the small quayside shops to buy local products. Then to avoid having to walk on the main road we used the local paths that had been created. As we walked towards the end of this part of the fjord we were amazed at the steep height of the snow-capped mountains beside us. I noticed one map described this area as the Gateway to the Glaciers. It was certainly cold and the air still but fascinating, as we are far north and seem to be far inland in the Norwegian landmass. Our walk led to another part of Olden with a few more shops near the water, and we could see the local church even further along the valley.
After taking a few more photographs and admiring the mountain views, we headed back to the ship for a late lunch on board. Something I found during the afternoon was decoration along the top and surround of one of the passenger corridors. It was so attractive - it looked like braid, or possibly made of china, but it caught my eye and I had to photograph it. Touching it carefully with one clean finger gave me no clue as to what it was, but I enjoyed seeing it.
We sailed mid-afternoon and enjoyed a delightful scenic time on deck, wearing warm clothing of course, and looking at the mountains as we sailed away, and the waterfalls tumbling into the fjord.
We all met again for drinks before dinner. This evening we have booked to eat in David's Steakhouse, and this was a beautiful and enjoyable experience with particularly delicious food. There was no opportunity for photographs as other passengers were arriving or leaving this dining room. Overnight we sail south and are due to visit Bergen tomorrow for the day. I've been there before and always enjoyed my visit. When my father was at sea as an engineer in the early 1930s he visited there with the ARANDORA STAR and took several photographs of the quayside near where they berthed. I now have many of those photographs and have taken my own pictures in the same place during my visits. I like the idea of continuity and 'Following in Father's Footsteps'. Ships seen: Carnival Pride, Island Princess To be continued...

05 September 2022

Carnival Pride 10th June 2022 Part 6

Wednesday 15th June 2022 Overnight we have sailed further north and arrived in Molde, with a wide fjord between our berth here beside the town and looking out south towards more snow-capped mountains. It seems to have rained during the night but it looks as if everything is drying out now, which is a good sign for our morning plans. There are local ferries running from Molde to a small promontory of land a few miles away, where a landing point has been built; this in turn gives access to one of the many long-distance roads which give access to other parts of the country. These roads seem to hug the coast of this vast country, giving access to big or small towns. Looking at a map gives some idea of the network and its links.
Location of Vestnes One of my friends has planned what ferries can be sailed on this morning so we can get back to Molde by 4.30 p.m. latest for sailing time, and whilst we have all been invited to join him, I seem to be the only one happy to go along. I have been able to sail on many ferries over many years, and it seems automatic to see and sail on whatever happens to be available. Anyone who reads my Haynes World blog will know what I mean. After breakfast I met my ferry friend at the gangway and we set off at a fast pace along the local road to the ferry terminal. The ferries to Vestnes are run by the Boreal Company and one was loading lorries, cars and passengers as we arrived. Because this ferry connects to the long distance road route E39 we were about to see at Vestnes, pedestrian travel is free so we could simply climb on board the good ship PREIKESTOLEN and head up to the top deck . The weather was still a little damp but the sky was brightening and we had the pleasure of a 25 minute trip over to Vestnes ahead of us.
Part of Preikestolen We left the Molde ferry terminal and were soon heading past our CARNIVAL PRIDE. We were a little surprised not to see our friends waving to us as we sailed past but there was no sign of them. We were later told that they had been inside the breakfast buffet and waving to us, but they had been standing inside the darkened windows that allowed nothing and no-one to be seen from the outside! Ah well, the thought was there...
Carnival Pride
Meanwhile we were on our way across a narrow part of the fjord and 29 minutes later we were in Vestnes and disembarking. Several cars were waiting to board but we went into the nearby car park to watch PREIKEFTOKEN depart to go back to Molde. In the car park we were astonished to see a large bird sitting on a piece of metal fence near the ship, apparently undisturbed by all the movement around it. I couldn't recognise the bird but took several pictures to try and identify it when I get home.
The bird
What is it? The ferry departed and we were happy to sit and wait for the next one to arrive, which meant we could then sail on a new (to us) ferry back to Molde. It was pleasant waiting in the sunshine, still admiring the bird. Soon we could see TOMREFJORD sailing towards us. She disembarked her vehicles and passengers and we were then able to board. I think it was coffee time by then so we sailed back to Molde admiring the views of the calm water outside. In the distance towards the mouth of the fjord we could see very high mountains with snow on the top, a wondrous sight. We were soon back at the ferry terminal and ready to look for our next ship. No sooner had we disembarked than another friend arrived, breathless, but pleased to have found us. He decided he wanted to go on a ferry so ran all the way to the terminal to find us. Success!
Tomrefjord This time we were to sail on HAROYFJORD from Molde, back to Vestnes. All these three ferries this morning have been quite different in style but all comfortable, with pleasant staff in the shop serving drinks or goods that the travelling public might want to buy. We passed CARNIVAL PRIDE again. We arrived back in Vestnes but the bird had moved. This time we could have another look at the MoorMaster Automated Vacuum Mooring and the FerryCHARGER that can connect each ferry to the power point on the quayside, and watch it in action when necessary.
MoorMaster Automated Vacuum Mooring
FerryCHARGER We watched HAROYFJORD sail back to Molde and this time awaited the arrival of our fourth ferry of the morning, here in Vestnes. The VESTREFJORD arrived and we boarded, pleased to note that her builder's plate told us that she had been built in Turkey and joined the fleet only this year, 2022. Clouds still covered most of the sky overhead but the snow on the distant mountains still held the gaze as we sailed back to Molde.
On board Vestrefjord We had been on four ferries this morning and enjoyed all the journeys, from Molde to Vestnes and back. The scenery was beautiful, the water almost calm, and the vessels very interesting to visit. We disembarked and had time to watch VESTREFJORD prepare to leave, before heading into a small park near the terminal. The pink tulips were beautiful and the nearby waterfall tumbled noisily down the side of a street near us, obviously back down to the fjord.
Tulips in the park
One flower
Waterfall We headed back to CARNIVAL PRIDE with a few detours on the way. Molde is known as the city of roses, and one lovely statue with a female holding roses in her water-filled skirt caught our eyes as we walked past. We walked past the Hurtigruten sign on nearby fencing, and then we were home and ready to prepare for a late lunch. What a lovely morning, sailing on four ferries, in a lovely location.
The city of roses
Hurtigruten berth After lunch we noticed there were another three quizzes being held this afternoon, so we went along to one of them. It seemed to be the fifth one of the day today here in Molde - obviously a popular form of entertainment on board, wherever we were. Three of us took part and I have to say we were hopeless. It seems I have conveniently not made a note of the Trivia quiz subject. Later that afternoon we met on deck to watch departure from Molde and it was sunny and the air clear. AIDAbella was now berthed astern of us and various small craft could also be seen, including some of the ferries going to Vestnes. A big jet flew over us, preparing to land at Molde International airport by the look of it, and it was a very pleasant departure to enjoy from the deck.
Sailing away from Molde, AIDAbella astern
Ferries on their route to Vestnes Later we all met for a drink before dinner and this time we could start to celebrate a birthday. In the Normandie Restaurant after our main course, the staff presented our birthday celebrant with a special cake and candle for us all to share and enjoy as we sang Happy Birthday to him. He was also presented with a special gift from the three of us, to remind him of his admiration for the Empress of Canada of 1961, who became Carnival's first ship MARDI GRAS in 1972. The MARDI GRAS was his favourite ship, and he said he eventually managed to sail on it in 1998. We had found something special to buy for him here on board, relating to his favourite ship, so this was a happy birthday indeed. Overnight we will be sailing to Olden.
Ancient rocks I saw today Ships seen: Carnival Pride, Aidabella, PREIKESTOLEN, TOMREFJORD, HAROYFJORD, VESTREFJORD To be continued...

02 September 2022

Carnival Pride 10th June 2022 Part 5

Tuesday 14th June 2022 This morning we arrived into the port of Alesund. Oh my, it's raining hard again but I have my full waterproofs with me so intend to walk out to the Hurtigruten port area.
Strand Senior
Oceanic Endeavour I went for breakfast, knowing my friends were working or otherwise engaged this morning. There were few passengers around so I had the opportunity to photograph many features around this ship, including some of the Farcus-designed ones. I seem to like most of them, as they are often eye-catching and certainly with maritime connections. I am amused by the sight of prone mermaids on the ceiling in some areas.
Atrium Bar
Guest Services
Up a deck
Another View
Looking up
Sweeping staircase With breakfast done, and full waterproof gear on, I left the ship and walked through the usual Restricted area along the quayside, until I could get out into the town. Over distant rooftops I could see a big H that I realised could only be the Hurtigruten symbol, so I started walking towards that. I knew one of the fleet would be there and I was fortunate enough to arrive as POLARLYS was preparing to sail. They are such handsome ships to my mind, with their black hulls and company funnels. The ropes came up and then she was ready. There were a few people on deck and I offered them a tiny wave as I watched the ship sail away. She soon gathered speed and sailed off into the gloom of the still falling rain.
Sailing away I headed back to the ship by way of a small quay and enjoyed seeing some unusual looking vessels.
Parat III
MS Bilfergen, built in 1921 It was still raining but when I got back to the ship I discovered we had company, in that AIDA PRIMA had berthed nearby. Near our gangway I found a kind person who took a picture of me, although only a part of my face was visible through the rain; at least I have a souvenir of the morning. Back on board and in my cabin I could hang my wet gear up to dry and go and find a delicious cappuccino. All was well with my world again and I could enjoy catching up with my diary notes and checking the ships' names from this morning for my diary. During the afternoon I saw there was sunshine outside so went up on one of the top decks to enjoy the views of Alesund whilst it was dry; I also took a photo of the funnel as it is so distinctive. I met my friends for a drink before dinner and to catch up with what everyone had done during the day. One of my friends also produced a special 'gift' which is to be on loan to me for the rest of the cruise: it is a cushion. That may seem underwhelming to you, but to me it was very useful. I am fairly short and find the seating alcoves in the Normandie dining room are lovely but are not ideal for a short person. Having a cushion to sit on made all the difference to me. The kind staff will look after 'my' cushion and get it out at meal times; at the end of the cruise it will have to be returned to the Serenity area. What a kind friend who borrowed it for me. Dinner was enjoyable, especially seen from my new seating height, and we all enjoyed seeing the waiters dancing on the tables again during the musical interlude.
Waiters dancing Tomorrow we are due to visit the port of Molde, which should be interesting too. Ships seen: Carnival Pride, Aida Prima, Artemis Atlantic, Oceanic Endeavour, Strand Senior, Polarlys of Hurtigruten, Kalvoy, Safir, Parat III, Keiser Wilhelm, Fjorckabel, MS Bilfergen built in 1921 To be continued...