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17 October 2016


STENA NORDICA (GNV) 24th September 2016, Barcelona

A few weeks ago I was sailing out of the harbour in Barcelona, Spain, when I saw a familiar set of three letters on the hull of a ship: GNV. The ship was far away but I managed to get a couple of pictures as we approached the harbour mouth, and then one more as we sailed away. I saw that it had an unexpected name on the hull, which was clearly visible, and thought I should share the pictures. It was STENA NORDICA.

If you look at www.marinetraffic.com website, and insert the port of BARCELONA in the Vessel/Port box near the top of the page, you will get the aerial view of the port. You will need to zoom out of the view to see that STENA NORDICA is a long way south, almost as far down as the Airport; I have just done this to check she is still there. Any comments would be very welcome.

Best wishes from Haynes World.
Monday 17th October 2016