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SOVEREIGN 24th September 2016 (part 3)

Sunday 25th September 2016 - Day 2
This is a sea day, as we sail across the Mediterranean towards tomorrow's port of Olbia in Sardinia. My diary says that I had breakfast at 10.45 and then went to a small conference room to hear Cruise Excursions information in English, from the cheerful Monika.

Deck plan

The theatre

Another view in the theatre

A photograph taken at London Gatwick airport of some rather unusual wallpaper - modern and theatrical I thought, and a clever nod to London

The inch of gold is alive and well...

Unexpected artwork

View into the Atrium

The glass lifts in the atrium

Looking down into the atrium

Sea and sunshine

Sea view

The rest of the sunny day passed happily and our group met again for Gala Dinner that night. We were given scrolls with the set Menu details, the females wore 'posh frocks' and we all had a very enjoyable meal and evening.

To be continued...