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4th December 2009

I've just had the weirdest-ever ship experience!

I always enjoy reading about ship things happening on the other side of the Atlantic. I've just seen a piece of advertising material about the virtual christening of Princess Cruises' OCEAN PRINCESS. She was built in 1999 for Renaissance Cruises as the Motor Ship R FOUR, then sold to Princess Cruises with a name change to TAHITIAN PRINCESS. Part of it said:

Princess Cruises Ship Receives New Name - and First-Ever Virtual Christening. Line Seeks Honorary Godparents for Ocean Princess' Unique Online Ceremony With Each Participant Donation Made to Renowned New England Aquarium

I really fancied being a ship's Godmother - the only time I'm likely to get THAT opportunity - so I logged on to the website. Suddenly I was whizzing off to Singapore, the bottle of champagne was right in front of me and hurtling towards the ship's hull, the whistles sounded and, guess what, I am now a virtual Godmother to OCEAN PRINCESS. It cost me nothing, except for the short time involved in giving a few personal details, and I could see my first name amongst the 'cloud' containing the names of other Godmothers. I was informed that $1 would be donated by the company to the New England Aquarium on my behalf, and the same would be done for each of the other 24,999 Godmothers to the ship!

Wow, that was fun - what a brilliant piece of advertising.