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Bluebells in England

I recently visited an East Sussex farm to walk through some acres of the woodland: in our English spring the most wonderful sight is to be amongst English bluebells. An added bonus was the exquisite perfume of the flowers. The farm had baby pigs, goats and lambs to see, and afternoon tea was available in one of the barns, to raise money for a local charity.

Out in the fields were Friesian cattle (the black and white ones, with a high milk yield) and at one point in the walk we had to wait at the field's edge for 150 of them to make their stately way towards their milking parlour. The cowman said that this half of the herd gave the most milk so went into the milking parlour before the other half.

Birds were singing overhead, and in another field some guinea fowl could be seen scurrying along the side of the hedge. The South Downs were in the distance and up in the sky a little 'plane could faintly be heard. All was well with the world.