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Monday, 13 June 2011

Costa Victoria Part 4

Thursday 21st April 2011

We have a morning at sea before we get to Barcelona after lunch, so there was time to enjoy a walk around COSTA VICTORIA.

I noticed that this morning I could attend an Arts & Crafts Napkin Folding session, but chose not to. We saw many of Captain Stephen Card’s wonderful ship paintings, which he was commissioned to do for COSTA VICTORIA in 1996. It was good to see one of EUGENIO C, in the classic view that we all admire.

Outside the weather was damp at first but the sky soon cleared and once in Barcelona we could take the ship’s shuttle bus (6 Euros return) to the bottom of La Rambla, ready for a harbour tour.

We chose the little TRIMAR because it was going on a longer route around the harbour area, so we saw lots of the interesting vessels in port.

Liberty of the Seas
Rome Express
a pair from Rotterdam

Mol Premium
Liberty of the Seas
Costa Victoria

We were back on board in good time for sailing at 8 p.m. and to watch the departure of LIBERTY OF THE SEAS. This was her very first departure from a European port, so I enjoyed seeing her sail, as well as seeing the penguins above her Bridge.

Liberty of the Seas

Cruise Barcelona approaching

Florencia through the rain

Abel Matutes (seen through glass)

We decided that we would have dinner this evening in the Bolero Restaurant Buffet on Rigoletto Deck 11, and that was an excellent choice for food and wine.

Ships seen: Liberty of the Seas, Pelcrus, yacht Limitless, Majestic, Trimar (for the harbour trip), Murillo, Evolution, Montras, Cruise Barcelona, a Phillipino ship, Encarnation, Martin y Soller, Florencia, Fortuny, Sorolla, Corelli, Rome Express, Mol Premium, Abel Matutes

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