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Summer 2011 Part 12 Cap San Diego

Summer 2011 Part 12
Cap San Diego in Hamburg

Saturday 16th July

My cabin on this hotel ship was very comfortable, and I slept well. Unfortunately I heard all the party-goers leaving the hired rooms along the end of my cabin corridor and walking past me very noisily. I think all the empty beer bottle crates were taken out too, along the same route. Ah well, when I went to the tea-making tray beside the television and found a good selection of tea, I also saw two packets of ear-plugs, so now I know why they were there!

The sun was shining on the water so I was soon out on deck and able to take pictures with no-one else around, on this beautiful summer’s morning. I was to meet my two chums at 9 a.m. for breakfast in the Bord-Bistro so I had time to explore in the sunshine the few areas available inside the ship and the outside decks.

Lovely woodwork

CAP SAN DIEGO was built in 1961, so this is her 50th anniversary year. She started life as a freighter designed in Hamburg and built for the Hamburg-Sud shipping company by Deutsche-Werft, and sailed regularly from Hamburg to South America, with a gross tonnage of 9998. Eventually she was sold on and finally returned to her home port in 1986 to be used as a Maritime Monument from 1987, bought by the Hanseatic City of Hamburg (http://www.capsandiego.de). Parties, conventions and events are held on board and every summer she also makes daytime trips with passengers on board.

Outside deck space

The Bridge

Certificate of Class

Chart room

Two sextants

Surprise occupant!

Looking forward

Bridge wing

View from the Bridge

Masts and gear

Covered pool

Hatch cover

Looking aft

And up I go on the fo'cs'le deck

As far forward as I can

Looking aft at the shear

I enjoyed seeing what I could, and looking out at the Hamburg maritime city. One of Father’s photographs was ever in my mind, as I wanted to try and identify where his ship had berthed when he was here in August 1931 and I think it must have been more or less where I am now. After breakfast we plan to go ashore and enjoy some of the sights so I may find out more then.

Hamburg picture postcard

To be continued…