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Sovereign 25th June 2011 Part 5

Tuesday 28th June 2011
We are due in Civitavecchia today, but I was up and on deck very early because my cabin television showed me a ‘view from the Bridge’ that looked too good to miss. We entered the harbour and saw ADVENTURE OF THE SEAS already tied up and MARINER OF THE SEAS tying up nearby, so as we turned and manoeuvred into our berth I had the chance to take photographs in the beautiful early morning light. No sooner had I turned my head out to sea than we could see COSTA MEDITERRANEA coming in fast, and soon the three huge ships could be seen together.

Adventure of the Seas

Mariner of the Seas

Costa Mediterranea

A trio of ships

I went back to bed for another hour, and emerged for breakfast. Our daily Programme has us in the correct port, on the correct day, but it is dated for Tuesday last week – ah well.

We have decided to have an ‘at home’ day today, and watch the shipping world go to and fro past us into this busy harbour. What fun it proved to be, with old and new friends appearing in the gorgeous blue water beside SOVEREIGN.

Inside the ship it was empty and cool, with coffee or other inclusive drinks available from the bar staff whenever they were needed.

Spinnaker Piano Bar

Spinnaker Bar

Were they scratched?

We usually enjoyed the Spinnaker Bar in the morning and spent many minutes looking at the design of the bar seating and wondering whether the ‘scratch’ marks on the supports were intentional patterns or simply wear and tear by human use. I wonder if anyone actually knows. I did wonder if anyone other than me actually cares…

Rendezvous Bar

I visited Reception during the morning to ask if it was possible please to find out what the ship on the horizon was. The kind young lady immediately answered in excellent English and rang the Bridge, to find out that it was MOBY FREEDOM and she was heading for this harbour. We had an interesting chat about ships (she came from Brazil) and shipping web-sites and exchanged pleasant goodbyes.

An unusually empty Reception area


More Royal Caribbean artwork

Jewellery for sale

Back on deck with my chums, sitting in the cool shade high above the water of the harbour, we had a wonderful view of the port and only ventured away from our little base to obtain lunch from the Grill below to bring back to our steamer chairs. What bliss…! If our eyes closed in the heat, then who was to know, hidden as they were behind dark glasses.

A good view


Some time later a completely unexpected ship arrived – SCILLA, a ferry last seen in the Straits of Messina.


Scilla amongst giants

In my mind her name is really SCILLA Crash, because every time we saw her approach her linkspan in Messina she crashed into the wooden dock/linkspan at great speed, bow first, and with a loud noise. As we were going back and forth across the Straits on different ferries for the fun of it, we saw her three times I think and each time felt we had to brace ourselves for the crash in the adjoining dock. We could understand why the wood of the dock was showing signs of wear and tear, caused by the little SCILLA Crash.

Moby Freedom

Mega Express Two

Fortunata returning to port after a day's fishing

Scintu in her new Sarema Sardegna colours



Goodbye Scilla

The day passed watching ships coming into Civitavecchia and then leaving again some hours later, so this was a lovely relaxing part of our cruise.

Cruise Roma

At tea time we went into the Promenade deck buffet to find flags decorating the area, ready for the evening’s Tropical Night.

Flags in the Buffet

Goodbye Costa Mediterranea

On deck we prepared to watch our departure, only to hear frequent announcements calling for two people who obviously hadn’t returned to the ship from ashore. All passengers carried the usual plastic card and this Pullmantur one seemed to have even more information on it than usual: my name, my lifeboat number, my dinner seating time, the Restaurant name, my table number, my arrival date on board, and my departure date from the ship. Apparently the bar code even includes my Internet Identity number if I choose to use it.

The two missing people didn’t turn up, so we finally sailed 12 minutes late, joining the procession of vessels out of Civitavecchia harbour in the late afternoon heat.

And then it was our turn

A Programme showing Sovereign's List of Officers

Just before dinner the Photographer was doing good business in the atrium with passengers being able to dress up in an officer’s uniform jacket and/or cap and then pose. So many men chose to do that…


Dinner was excellent again, and our waiting staff were as friendly and efficient as usual. This meal was concluded with music and a conga going around the Restaurant, which lots of us enjoyed – it was cheerful and good fun. The shops were full with people finding Sale bargains

Evening sale

The Casino

before going to the evening’s entertainment, or on deck to watch the stars. The Sky bar lured many passengers up there, and a happy day came to an end.

Ships seen: Mariner of the Seas, Adventure of the Seas, Costa Mediterranea, Nomentana (Tirrenia), Traiano Secondo (tug), SNAV Toscana, Sharden (Tirrenia), Scilla (Bluvia) Mega Express Two, Moby Freedom (with a dog on deck), Scintu (Saremar Sardegna, in new colours), Catania (Grimaldi), Nuraghes (Tirrenia), Cruise Roma, Fortunata (local fishing boat)

To be continued...