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4th May 2013

After an interesting sail/flight on the Hover Travel hovercrafts between Southsea, Ryde, and back, it was time to check in with Britanny Ferries in Portsmouth for a trip on the ro-ro/passenger ferry MONT SAINT MICHEL. We would sail over to Caen (Ouistreham) in France, leaving Portsmouth at 14.45 (British Summer Time) and arriving at 21.30 French time (BST + 1). She was built in 2002, at 35,586 gross tons, and is registered in France.

Mont St. Michel

La Galerie Self-Service Restaurant

Les Romantiques Restaurant

As we left Portsmouth Harbour we could see various Royal Navy Vessels, plus HMS VICTORY, WARRIOR, SOLENT CAT from Blue Funnel, JENNY LEE, the ship of the man from Del Monte, WIGHT RYDER, ST. CECILIA, and others.

St. Clare & St. Helen of Wightlink Ferries

Blue Note Main Lounge and Bar, where we took part in a Musical Quiz and achieved second place, amongst many teams

Mont St. Michel as we drove away from the port

We stayed overnight in Dunkirk at a little hotel, and breakfast in the morning was enlivened by the paper place mats.

Place mat showing Newhaven to Dieppe ships

Happiness in a haystack?

Le Havre on the place mat

Outside in the sunshine we walked along the duck route to the harbour entrance

Then drove to the Dieppe Terminal building where we saw this poster on the wall. Our journey continued through the French countryside north-east to Calais. Whilst we were waiting for our homeward ship to arrive we could see others berthed in the port.

Pride of Kent

Calais Seaways, now with DFDS, arriving to take us home to Dover. She was built in 1992 at 28,8733 gross tons, for Belgian Operators as Prins Filip,registered in France to sail at first between Dover and Ostende. She then became Stena Royal, P&OSL Aquitaine, PO Aquitaine, Pride of Aquitaine, Norman Spirit (registered in the UK), Ostende Spirit (registered in the UK), Norman Spirit (registered in France), and then Calais Seaways as from 15th March 2013.

Rodin, of My Ferry Link, arriving

Rodin's stern view

Calais Seaways' deck plan

It was lovely and sunny on deck, heading for Dover across the English Channel

Calais Seaways' life ring