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COSTA CLASSICA 8th April 2013 Civitavecchia

Monday 8th April 2013
Today's port is Civitavecchia, Italy, and I woke up to see a Regent ship through my porthole. Up on deck there was bright sunshine under a blue sky, and to me it felt warm. Today is to be a leisurely one, enjoying the shipping and local area.

Cruise Roma

Forward viewing on deck

Costa Classica's Officers

Florencia arriving

A5340, with the box on top, and the funnels which looked unusual


Port of Civitavecchia

Costa Classica

Costa Classica

After breakfast it was pleasant walking to the town and into the nearby park/promenade where the statue of "Unconditional Surrender" was to be seen.

Unconditional Surrender

Lunch was enjoyed at the Restaurante Bafoone, surrounded by photographs of Mr Bafoone himself with apparently famous people, taken over the years. No sooner had we said how much we enjoyed the food and surroundings, than the man himself appeared, thanked us for our kind words and kissed my hand. Hmmm, what a charmer, and what fun.

We walked around enjoying the sunshine, then went back to the ship and walked along the quayside to photograph SEVEN SEAS MARINER.

Seven Seas Mariner

We were back on board for tea, and then it was time to be on deck for departure. This was late as apparently one French couple had not come back on time, and so the ship had to wait. Many of us lined the rails and watched as the couple got out of a taxi and walked on board. We sailed immediately, in the strengthening breeze, and were momentarily glad of thick warm blankets which were available on the top deck.

Fishing boat Fermina number CV22

Seven Seas Mariner

Last view of the port

Then it was time for Prosecco and dinner.

Ships seen: John-Paul K. registered in Delfzijl, Solent, tug Vastaso, Seven Seas Mariner, and let's make a tiny fishing boat famous - Fermina, no. CV22, Cruise Roma, Ocean Princess, Bithia, A5340 with its unusual design, Florencia of GNV