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Part 3 – KONG HARALD of Hurtigruten
Sunday 23rd March 2014 (continued)
I waved STAVANGERFJORD off and then went in search of a late lunch.

Wood you believe this was a free exhibition?

I found a small café near the water side of another street, and spent a dry and warm hour in there as I watched the world go past. Then it was time to dress for the rain again and return to the Hurtigruten terminal to ask to visit KONG HARALD. I had seen her berth earlier at the quay adjacent to Fjord Line’s, so was keen to see what she was like on board.

Kong Harald

She was launched in 1993, the same year as RICHARD WITH, to mark Hurtigruten’s centenary and is named after today’s King of Norway, Harald. She is 11,204 gross tons, and can carry 622 passengers and 20 cars, with a service speed of 15 knots.

I was soon on board and admiring all the lounges, bars and artwork.

On board

The story of Hurtigruten

Panorama Lounge

Art work behind me

Door handles

Top of the stairs

Interesting carpet

Shop display

Reflections indeed

Loved the blue glass

Specially woven carpet to celebrate the launch year of Kong Harald in 1993, and Hurtigruten

Cafe Roald Amundsen, the explorer. At home I have a picture in my Father's collection showing one of Amundsen's sleigh dogs, photographed in the early 1930s.

Art work

Deck 4 stern Restaurant

Another bar/lounge

Bar decoration

Midships seating

Near Reception

Aha, a mailship post box

These ships are all very individual in their styling and decoration and I consider it a great treat to be allowed to visit the ships in port. The Hurtigruten ships are a way of life in Norway and have been now since 1893, so a familiar sight around the coast. Once again I enjoyed my visit to a Hurtigruten ship. As I walked home the rain increased and I was really looking forward to a hot meal and relaxing back in my Bergen hotel. The weather forecast for Monday was good, and of course I was due to sail on the brand-new BERGENSFJORD, so there was lots to enjoy.

To be continued….