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MINERVA 14th May 2016 Part 7 Guernsey

Friday 20th May 2016
I slept very soundly despite the rolling of the ship, and was only woken for a couple of minutes when the anchors went down. That was such a good omen, that we had arrived and were staying, that I went straight back to sleep.

The ship was cleared by the authorities by 7 a.m. scheduled arrival time and after an early breakfast I could look out at St. Peter Port from our anchorage in the bay. The sea was much improved, the sky was gradually clearing, and the atmosphere on the ship amongst passengers had been transformed from yesterday - everyone seemed well and cheerful again.

We could see Commodore Goodwill just leaving the port

Several of us decided to go ashore on the first tender, which we did. COMMODORE GOODWILL was just leaving the bay as we headed for the port. It was good to have our feet on solid ground again, and just wander around the main streets of St. Peter Port and buy a few souvenirs (using sterling). We are all on excursions this afternoon but it felt good to find an open air cafe with seas views to enjoy this morning. We enjoyed seeing MINERVA anchored out in the bay, with SEA ADVENTURER nearby. She is currently on charter to QUARK EXPEDITIONS.


Minerva and Sea Adventurer in the bay


Sea Adventurer

Back on our ship we could have lunch, enjoy the sunshine and watch CONDOR RAPIDE arrive at the port.

Condor Rapide

I was in Reception with a small query when the Captain came down the nearby stairs, saw me and someone else standing nearby, and came over to tell me that there was someone on board who had been at sea with Union-Castle Line. He thought I would be interested. I certainly was, and in fact it was the man standing near me, and so Captain Broomhall introduced us. Talk about a coincidence! I shook hands, thanked the Captain and then had to apologise and run for the tender to go on my afternoon excursion.

I caught the 13.45 tender back to the harbour and walked to the waiting coach for my excursion. Yet again, we felt so fortunate with our coach driver and our local guide Malcolm. We went first to a private garden at La Petite Vallée, which descended gradually down from the house towards the sea. I saw many favourite plants, and several unknown ones, but our RHS lecturer Lady Christine Skelmersdale answered any queries as we toured the beautiful garden.

The private gardens

In the garden

Cerinthe, which I particularly like

That looked stunning

Our next visit was to the Guernsey Freesia Centre and its flower tunnels. The sights and smells were wonderful, I thought, and several purchases were made.

Guernsey Freesia Centre


More freesias

Our next stop was to Candie Gardens, which were in a valley with views of the sea, and felt cool in the late afternoon.

Then it was time to get back on the coach to return to the port and the waiting tender, to go back home to MINERVA.

Condor Liberation, seen from the tender

We all prepared for dinner, had drinks in Wheelers Bar, and enjoyed another evening after another enjoyable day. Tonight the clocks go forward, to prepare for our next port of call at Caen in France, on European Summer Time.

Ships seen: Minerva, Commodore Goodwill, Sea Adventurer, Condor Rapide, Condor Liberation, and our tenders

To be continued...