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SOVEREIGN 24th September 2016 (part 6)

Wednesday 28th September 2016
Today we arrived early in Civitavecchia. I slept badly last night and decided not to take a bus to visit Tarquinia, but I shall remember to do that on another visit. After breakfast two of us decided to take the ship's shuttle bus into town and have a stroll around in the sunshine, which was very satisfying.

I like these table mats in the Buffet; if one is eating alone, the mat can be displayed with the appropriate message, and the plate etc. will not disappear whilst fetching more coffee.

Bonaria seen through the glass window of the shuttle bus

World Odyssey (ex-Deutschland) also seen from the coach

A beautiful church building and a tri-coloured beagle to see and enjoy

Under an olive tree

Still under the olive tree and a parasol

A cold drink under an olive tree, visiting a small jewellery shop in a local arcade, and looking at the sea was a good way to spend a morning, before returning to the ship for buffet lunch.

SNAV Sardegna seen through the shuttle bus window

The rest of the day on board passed happily watching ships or enjoying the company of fellow OLS members. We were due to leave at dusk and enjoyed seeing the other ships go past us first.

The sun sinking as Cruise Barcelona approached the port

Sunset, with no green flash

Comings and goings as the fishing fleet left the harbour

Cruise Barcelona going to her berth

Norwegian Epic finally sailed

The 3 big ships (World Odyssey, Zenith, Norwegian Epic) headed out, and then it was our turn

Dinner, star-gazing and afterwards in the Viking Crown Lounge completed another happy day.

Ships seen: World Odyssey (ex-Deutschland), Bonaria (Acciona), Norwegian Epic, Zenith, Catania, SNAV Sardegna, Cruise Barcelona

To be continued...