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AEGEAN ODYSSEY 17th June 2018 Part 4

Tuesday 19th June 2018
This morning it felt as if the ship was moving a lot, and I remembered we were in the Bay of Biscay although fairly near the coast. I'm told that the ship had been rolling a lot during the night, but my mid-ships cabin seems to have protected me from much of this.

Deck Plan

Breakfast was available in the Terrace Cafe and I was there for 8.45 a.m. Porridge was one of the delights available in the hot food station inside the Cafe although I could have gone outside to the Terrace to ask for an omelette or similar cheerfully cooked whilst I waited. Fresh teas or coffee appeared as requested, with a large choice of cold dishes also available from a central buffet area.

Many of us wanted to be in the Ambassador Lounge for the 9.30 a.m. start of a lecture about The Gothic Art and Architecture of France by an on-board expert lecturer. Hugh Ellwood held our attention for nearly an hour with a fascinating explanation of the various styles to be seen, with wonderful pictures to accompany his words.

Yesterday I went up to the top deck to look at the Observation Lounge and Bar, and it was a good job I did. Every time we have been up there since it has been occupied by the Bridge Instructor and players; apparently this cruise is advertised as one for Bridge players, although all the paperwork I have received mentions Harbour & Gardens Sailaway.

Observation Lounge

The Bar inside

The Observation Bar just outside

View into the Library

After today's lecture we all took a coffee break in the Charleston Lounge, with sea views out of every window on the port and starboard sides. The sea was calming down as we headed north towards Ushant and it seemed that the skies were clearing too. I took the opportunity of taking some more photographs up on deck in the hot sunshine that followed; this little AEGEAN ODYSSEY is really not a good sea-boat but I can forgive her a lot for all the other things she offers on board with her staff, activities, excursions and itinerary.

Pool view in Bordeaux

Promenade Deck in sunshine

The long view

Pool view today at sea

Another view

Terrace lunch was followed by rest and relaxation in the Charleston Lounge although that changed once dolphins/porpoises were spotted a short distance away on our starboard side. There must have been 30 or so in the two pods that we saw for about 15 minutes as we sailed through the calm waters. The sun shone down and the water sparkled on their sleek bodies as they rose and dived again through the sea.

Towels beside the pool

Calm sea and sunshine

Looking aft

Calm now but heading towards another weather depression

Ahead of the ship from the top deck we could see another huge cloud weather depression on the horizon but for the time being it was pleasant to be out in the sunshine up high and looking down at the swimming pool. I liked seeing the bright red and blue towels rolled neatly in stacks at each corner of the pool. We could have attended the Quiz in the lounge or then listened to the Odyssey Trio but we thought it was better to enjoy the sea air before the next weather depression came over us as we turned north-west and rounded Ushant, but the sheltered deck furniture and plump cushions were oh so comfortable...

My diary notes for the rest of the day simply say dinner, drinks and bed, which made a lovely end to our sea day. Tomorrow we are due early in Falmouth, Cornwall, so there are plans to be made for the good things to see and do when we get there.

To be continued....