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Monday, 25 July 2011

Summer 2011 Part 3

Part 3 POLARLYS visit

Monday 11th July 2011 in Trondheim

One of my travelling companions had arrived so after an early breakfast we walked to the port to see the little NORDSTJERNEN alongside the quay, ready to sail south to Bergen. Nearby was the northbound vessel POLARLYS, so we went for a quick visit on her. These are pictures of the interesting or fun things I saw on board.

Builder's plate

Polarlys Reception

Wonderful piece of art work

The Arcade

Eye-catching carpet

Top of the little atrium

Children's Playroom

Ceiling art work


Art work


One of the Lounges

Fun furnishings

More interesting chairs

Library, with hidden television

Lovely glass door handle

Another lounge

POLARLYS viewed from NORDSTJERNEN as we left Trondheim

Ships seen: Nordstjernen, Polarlys

To be continued...

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