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SOVEREIGN Cruise 25th June 2011 Part 1

Friday 24th June 2011
Here I go again, flying out to Barcelona, ready to join Pullmantur’s ship SOVEREIGN tomorrow on a trip delightfully called ‘Breezes of the Mediterranean’.

I had checked in by mid-afternoon, in a small hostal just off La Rambla and then strolled straight for the Harbour Tours at the bottom of La Rambla, enjoying the shade of the huge plane trees set both sides of the central pedestrian street. I didn’t know what ships to expect, but it turned out to be a 7 cruise ship day, as well as other interesting vessels around the port. THOMSON DREAM was visible as tour boat ENCARNACION set off,

Thomson Dream

and then AIDA VITA’s stern and hull came into sight.

Aida Vita

Once under the high road bridge leading to the cruise ship terminals, I could see MSC SPLENDIDA, BRILLIANCE OF THE SEAS, NOORDAM and CARNIVAL MAGIC.

Four in a row

MSC Splendida

Brilliance of the Seas


Carnival Magic

Distinctive Magic

and then tucked into another area near the Thomson ship was COSTA SERENA.

Costa Serena

The harbour tour took 35 minutes and goodness it was interesting. In the fishing boat part of the port was SEA SHEPHERD (Steve Irwin) and her ‘baby’ trimaran Brigitte Bardot, so I shall have to find out more about that vessel. I think I’ve heard of her, but know very little about her.

I watched CARNIVAL MAGIC leave her berth and turn, before heading out to sea.

I went back to the hotel then - my spacious single room also had a small balcony so I could sit outside and look at my day’s photographs with my feet up on one of the chairs – bliss in the shadowed warmth of a Spanish summer afternoon.

One of my travelling companions arrived that evening so we could enjoy dinner in a popular restaurant where one has to queue to get a table – always an excellent sign!

Ships seen: Encarnacion, Thomson Dream, Aida Vita, MSC Splendida, Brilliance of the Seas, Noordam, Carnival Magic, Costa Serena, Sea Shepherd Steve Irwin/Brigitte Bardot, Khudozhnik Kraynev, Punta Mayor (the orange coloured Rescue Boat) and lots of fishing vessels and private yachts

To be continued...