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Sovereign Cruise Part 4

Monday 27th June 2011
This morning we arrived early in Livorno, Italy, and today’s the day we are going on a little expedition. After an early breakfast in the Deck 11 Buffet Panorama, we took the shuttle bus to town, and then had a long walk to Livorno railway station. We caught the 11.26 train to Viareggio, changed there to another train and arrived at our destination at 12.38 – the ancient walled town of Lucca. I think it is one of the most fascinating little places I have seen, with its Roman, Medieval and Renaissance areas and architecture.

We enjoyed walking around in the hot sunshine, or cool shaded narrow streets, and working up an appetite for lunch in a local restaurant which looked and was delightful, the Osteria Baralla.

I had a dish of Tordelli Lluchasi (local Tordelli pasta in meat sauce, according to the English translations on the Menu) which was delicious; judging by the remarks made by my companions who had taken some time to choose something else, they were very unhappy with their choice. Can’t say I would have chosen a tripe dish in a little Italian restaurant, but there we are.

Reluctantly we left this little gem of a town to get the train back to Livorno, and then to the ship.


Corsica Marina Seconda

Back on board on Pool Deck, many of our fellow passengers were enjoying the swimming pools, and some were practising the dances to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ ready for the evening’s entertainment. The small children were suitably horror-struck or amused by the masks worn by the cruise entertainment staff.

Programme for Livorno day

The ship's officers listed on the Programme for 25th June 2011

Ships seen: Moby Vincent, Moby Tommy, Corsica Marina Seconda, Mega Express Two, MSC Gemma, Toremar’s Liburna, Moby Otta

To be continued...