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Hamburg Harbour 823rd Birthday

Hamburg Day 2
12th May 2012

Aida Mar naming day

The day's events

Harmonie ferry

Blohm + Voss Dock Elbe 17

Elbe 3



Crash and Burn

Emergency evacuation demonstration

Towed away by the Police

Alexander von Humboldt

Aida Mar

HMS St. Albans

Loth Lorien

Aida Mar close up

A floating crane with toilets. A friend in Hamburg says: This crane is still in business for the HHLA, but every harbour birthday we have a party on that crane with about 400 guests, and therefore toilets are added.

Le Boreal arriving

Lunch on the Bergedorf

Looking the other way

A floating crane with a tent. My friend in Hamburg says: the floating crane with the tent is an older version of a HHLA crane, which retired some years ago to the museum habour in Övelgönne.

Wolfgang Borchert


Ida Rambow

No, it isn't a real man...

Seute Deern ticket for the evening

Fireworks Programme

Seute Deern

Plan of the Aida ships on the River Elbe

Aida Ships together

A few of the fantastic fireworks

To be concluded....