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Island Escape 3rd April 2012, Part 5

Saturday 7th April 2012
We arrived in Livorno early on a wet Saturday morning, but the rain stopped soon after breakfast so we went into the town for a walk around and a little retail therapy. Lunch back on board included pork of course, and the afternoon in port gave the chance to take more internal photographs, and then watch the other ships around the port.

Mirage Bar

In the rain

Nautical display on Deck 9 forward

Puglia of Tirrenia

John Maxtone-Graham's diagram

Interesting carpet on the wall

Serenade Boutiques


Bounty Lounge

Cafe Brasil


The Pub

Island Restaurant

Another view of Island Restaurant

Fabulous original lights

Oasis Restaurant

Moby Corse

Dry docks in Livorno

Moby Wonder and a familiar building

The Pilot eventually left the ship

Our itinerary

Familiar funnels could be glimpsed at a distance. The wind had increased so we really needed the two tugs to help us get away from the berth and then the port. The wind and seas had increased so much we felt sorry for the Pilot leaving our ship; some of our passengers were upset by the rough sea which continued all evening and night. Dinner was enjoyable as was the nightly entertainment in the Theatre. Must admit I was glad of the position of my cabin just aft of mid-ships on Deck 5 that night, as I slept very well.

Ships seen: Puglia, Seabourn Sojourn, Moby Corse, Moby Vincent, Corsica Marina or Sardinia Vera, Giuseppe SA, Corsica Victoria/Sardinia Regina, Mega Express Three, Mega Express Two, Athalia (Toremar new ferry), Moby Wonder, Marina (far away in port), Ikarus Palace, MSC Orchestra

To be continued...