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Horizon Part 3

Part 3
Wednesday 30th May 2012
Today’s port is Salerno, Italy, which still evokes war-time memories for so many people in the world. Most of us felt grateful to be alive nowadays, and able to enjoy sailing along the coast with the sea like a millpond under such a blue sky.

Salerno coastline



Our 7.30 a.m. arrival meant an early breakfast and time to take on-board photographs before we went ashore. Because the ship was built in 1990 for the weekly New York service to Bermuda, her gangway was always located on Deck 5 for ease of access at the piers, and this is where I found Reception and the Excursions office. It is a light, attractive and spacious double-height atrium-like area but seldom found or used, judging by the almost-new appearance of the carpet and furnishings.

Art work near Reception



We disembarked and had to take the shuttle bus to the port entrance (7 Euros and not allowed to walk the short distance) and enjoyed seeing the Corniche route along the mountainsides.

The heat has changed the light already so we were glad to walk into the shade of the town and visit the Cathedral and Crypt, with their beautiful decorations and tranquillity.


Inside the Cathedral


In the Crypt

In the Crypt

In the Crypt

In the Cathedral

Italian ice-cream had to be tried, more walking and then a real Italian pizza lunch. The café was able to provide espresso crema shakeratto so all was well with the world as we returned to the ship for the rest of the time in port before sailing from Salerno.

Cartour Epsilon

Saphir Disco

James Le Piano Bar

The Library

The Games Room

One of the staircases

Ships seen: Cartour Epsilon, of Caronte & Tourist, Bernike

To be continued....