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Thursday 29th November 2012
I didn’t have to use the alarm clock today, as arrival in Cozumel, Mexico, was at 11 a.m. The first passengers disembarked to take tours, mostly involving a long journey from the Cruise Terminal to another port where they would take a ferry to the mainland, and then go by coach to various destinations. I didn’t choose to do that, so enjoyed ship-watching from the CARNIVAL PARADISE first of all.

Disney Magic

Trans-Caribe ferry Bahia del Espiritu Santo

Oasis of the Seas

View into Paradise

The quay into Cozumel's Puerta Maya

Artwork by Calman Shemi

Normandie Theatre lower level

Tiling detail

Just the right note

It was extremely hot and humid when I walked along the quayside towards the small town. CARNIVAL ELATION was berthed on the other side of the quay, which made for interesting views, and DISNEY MAGIC was berthed a couple of miles along the coast within sight. I could also see a local big ferry.

Welcome sign

I liked the local Welcome to Puerta Maya sign in the port, which was almost lost amongst the T-shirt shops, jewellery and diamond shops, and baskets and bags, so many of them. All the shopkeepers or stallholders seemed cheerful but oh so many were hoping for business. Beside one beach side bar I noticed a bicycle being used to prepare a milk shake in a liquidiser, which seemed a good use of pedal power.

Pedal power

OASIS OF THE SEAS was berthed nearby so I could see how huge she is; all around the ships the colour of the water was that beautiful clear aquamarine colour – glorious.

Carnival Paradise

Carnival Elation & Carnival Paradise. If I had gone any further back to take the photo I would have been in the water!

Water colour

There was lovely light for photos late afternoon, with ships all around.

Disney Magic sailed away

The Pilot Boat

The Pilot saw off CARNIVAL ELATION and then stayed in the water where she had been, and he and his companion started fishing off the side of the Pilot boat, very successfully. They were there over an hour, fishing, gutting and obviously catching their supper.

Oasis of the Seas at dusk

I went to get a shower and discovered OASIS O.T. SEAS had sailed.

Again today I met the four older ladies from Florida, who are in the Red Hat Society group on board, and are good fun. They wear red hats and sometimes purple clothing and enjoy playing Bridge. I met them the other day and they like the English and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. I curtsey to them when I first meet them each day, which amuses them immensely. There are several members of the Society on board and of course the two ladies with the wonderful sunglasses, which they said I should try on. I think I might need a pair of them!

Towel folding

Carnival Paradise at dusk

Ships seen: Disney Magic, Carnival Elation, Oasis of the Seas, and the local ferry Baha del Espiritu Santo of Trans Caribe, Pilot Boat Manatee

To be continued….