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Wednesday 5th December (continued)
After lunch and Boat Drill we met on Deck 15 aft at the Sunset Bar, ready for departure from Miami Cruise Terminal. The sun was shining, the sky was clear, a little sea plane was preparing to take off and all was well with my world. Standing near us in the Sunset Bar was a bride and groom, and many of their guests, all having a noisy and fun time;

The bride and groom

the little sea plane headed from her land base towards her take-off point, but a little craft suddenly appeared in her path, so she had to do another circuit, and try again.

Sea plane base

Sea plane taking off

She headed west towards the turning circle and what in the 1930s were the finger piers, turned and was then able to take off. She gained height and flew away parallel with the MacArthur Causeway. We looked down in the water below our stern and saw a shark swimming along, towards the Causeway. When I later looked at my quickly-taken photo and zoomed in, I could see a patch of red on part of its body, so I wonder if it had been injured by one of the numerous pleasure boats. I shall never know of course.

The shark

Miami Cruise Terminal location

Then it was time to watch our departure along Government Cut, past the sights I have come to recognise from my photographs and those of my Father. The ‘cut’ we could see may well be where the ARANDORA STAR berthed all those years ago

I subsequently located a fascinating web site of

Mr Don Boyd (http://www.pbase.com/donboyd/image/77354683)

with wonderful photos from many decades, and in particular this 1930 aerial view of Downtown looking east-northeast. Dodge Island and its cruise terminals didn’t exist then of course, so ships had to come up to the finger piers or anchor off.

Arandora Star in Miami 1932

The Goodyear blimp and the ship's funnel

View from the ship

Local people looking at the ship

What fun to compare my photos now and Father’s photos eighty years ago, and see the picture of G W Romer’s postcard of ARANDORA STAR departing Miami, sent by a friend.

Postcard picture of Arandora Star leaving Miami, by G W Romer

Sea plane base

The sea plane base on 13th February 1932

Al Capone's island December 2012

The same view in February 1932

Junior Engineer Harry Williams on the Arandora Star, early 1930s

Many years later this is where some of the Willams genes went: on Union-Castle Line's Transvaal Castle as a Purserette.

We enjoyed our departure on CELEBRITY REFLECTION and sail down the Cut, although this will be my last proper sight of Miami Cruise Terminal and surroundings in daylight. Then came an announcement from the Captain that we could not call in daytime in Nassau, Bahamas, as there was a problem there, so it would be 6 pm arrival and departure at 11 pm.

The ferry that goes across the Cut

View of South Beach

We were disappointed at the Captain's news about Nassau but very happy to be on this new Celebrity ship. We are booked in Qsine Restaurant for dinner on Thursday night, which should be huge fun. The company says: “We call this the food palate pleasers. There are no courses. Guests are taking a culinary journey. The music will be vibrant and upbeat, the ambiance a bit whimsical and mysterious…. And it’s all about the food.”

Dinner in the Opus Restaurant was excellent, with a wide choice, as was the Show afterwards - with a real band, what a difference. The more we see on here, the more we think that CARNIVAL BREEZE has missed out.

Tomorrow we now have a day at sea, arriving in Nassau at 6 p.m. and leaving late, and on Friday we are due to visit Cococay. On Saturday we are due back in Miami and I have to disembark, but hope to be meeting another friend before flying home, so there is lots to enjoy on this lovely ship first.

Ships seen: Norwegian Sun

To be continued….