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Friday 12th July 2013
Today we arrived in Palma de Mallorca, on a very hot summer’s day. The daily programme plan told us we would be berthed in what I and many friends knew was a ferry berth, but of course we weren’t. We were at the cruise terminal on one side of the Bay of Palma, and Disney had arranged for free coaches to take passengers into the city and back, during the day. Passengers went on excursions into the island, or visited the Cathedral and city, but many of us found it so extremely hot that we stayed on board and enjoyed all the facilities on the ship.

Another Mickey Mouse



Abel Matutes

Visemar One

Mickey comes in many guises

Albayzin sailed

On deck

Lunch time menu

Palma Cathedral

Fincantieri again

I did venture out in late afternoon to take pictures of the ship from the quayside, and from up on the passenger walkway to the terminal, but that was enough. Many of the decks were in the shade as the sun moved, so made for a very pleasant location.

Balearic Ports poster

Disney Magic bow

Disney Magic stern

Disney Magic stern

This is our last night on board so the early evening show called ‘Dreams’ was excellent; it featured many of the original Disney characters and proved very popular.

Dreams Show

Dinner this evening was in Parrot Cay Restaurant, on Deck 3 aft, which was interesting. Parrots and toucans were up in the ‘trees’ or hanging from the light fittings, and one had to be grateful that they were not real as their nether regions hung over some of our food. Again, the choice of food was excellent and we all seemed to enjoy everything. There was music and dancing by the wait staff during dessert, and it seemed a memorable finale to our time on board.

Ships seen: Albayzin of Trasmediterranea Acciona, Abel Matutes of Balearia, Visemar One of Balearia, Costa Serena, Tenacia of Acciona, Marco Polo harbour tour ship

To be concluded...