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COSTA DIADEMA 1st November 2014 Part 4

1st November 2014

Our little group has decided that our favourite spot is aft on Deck 5, with its comfy seating and sea views. There is no background music, few people, and no bar service yet, but it is a delightful place to sit and enjoy being at sea. We could see the preparations for leaving Trieste and noticed that the port side aft ropes were all fixed to something invisible under the water. I tried to find out how that was done – well, we knew there wasn’t going to be a diver under water – and a helpful person in Reception actually rang the Bridge to try and get an explanation. I think the language barriers proved too much of a problem, so I thanked them and retired gracefully. I still don’t understand how all those ropes were fixed and then let go, so will welcome an explanation from anyone who can tell me.

We finally sailed away from the lovely Trieste, with lots of whistles and noise from around the bay, and headed off to our first port of call in Dubrovnik, after a day at sea tomorrow. This is a ‘shake-down’ cruise so we are not sure quite what to expect but hope to enjoy everything we can.

My Costa Card


Our Dining time was shown on our cabins cards as open seating in the Corona Blu Restaurant between 6.30 p.m. and 9.00 p.m. and so we headed there as soon as the ship had sailed away. We had to join a queue at the Restaurant Manager’s desk. We didn’t understand why we had not been allocated a dining table in one of the Restaurants, but subsequently were told by a member of staff that this was ‘because you have booked cheap tickets’. My goodness, that is no way to make passengers feel welcome and we felt very upset for the rest of the trip about this blunt remark.

We queued and were eventually shown to an empty table which could seat the five of us easily. We then had to wait for menus to be brought, and then a waiter to arrive to take our orders. So far this had all taken one hour from when we joined the queue. More time elapsed and eventually the food arrived and it was worth waiting for, but so far we are not impressed with the way things are being run.

Let’s hope that things will improve tomorrow.

Sunday 2nd November 2014
It was lovely to wake without an alarm call, and go up to Deck 10 for a Traditional Italian Breakfast, with sea air coming in through the open windows of the Lido. The Lido Magrodome roof was closed, but the light and space was good. The Bar staff in this Trattoria Lido Diana were cheerful, helpful and efficient and seemed happy to speak English.

Under the Magradome roof

The Daily Programme, also provided in English, told us that this evening was to be Formal, with a Gala Dinner, so we look forward to that.

I took more photos around the ship and began to realise how the company had economised with space on board. In the public rooms the deck height was lower than expected, and this was quite obvious when looking up in the Atrium. The actual space in the Atrium was smaller than expected although it was three decks high.

Atrium Bar

Looking down in the Atrium

Oooh, giant bubble wrap

Please, I want one of those door handles

Throughout the ship it was wonderful to see all the new items of art, furnishings and fittings; my cabin was comfortably furnished and the new bed linen was a delight but I could find only one electric socket. The television screens throughout the ship were interesting to use and locate others ships in the Costa fleet. The location of some of the rooms on board puzzled us. The Pizza parlour and cooking area was bisected by a walkway; the Champagne Bar Bollicine (and not Prosecco) was large and cold as it was situated with double doors behind it which were continuously opening and closing to allow access on to the promenade deck. There was no ‘porch’ on the outside to protect the room from the elements. It was not near the extra tariff Restaurant or the Samsara Restaurant, which seemed strange.

The Theatre looked spacious with good sight lines, and the seating upholstery had an interesting ‘cracked ice’ pattern to it. I noticed this also on much of the wallpaper throughout the ship and also on many of the light fittings.

Theatre stage

Cracked ice pattern

Cracked ice pattern on the wallpaper

Cracked ice pattern on the light fittings

Deck plan

In the Restaurants the cutlery, glass and linen were new and shown to advantage.

The sound engineer was often seen around the ship, adjusting the volume of the public entertainment rooms’ sound systems. He certainly started with a high volume as standard, until people started leaving the rooms and wincing or shouting to each other in conversation. When we once saw him coming out onto Deck 5 aft Teodora Bar and opening the sound control cupboard we had to ask him nicely to please leave it without music. The volume of the music from the Teodora Lounge inside was quite adequate for everyone sitting outside, we thought. He smiled and went away…

Deck 5 aft

Several decks below

It was a good day at sea, finishing with a Gala Dinner which was wonderful. Tomorrow we arrive in Dubrovnik.

Ships seen – none today.

To be continued....