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COSTA DIADEMA 1st November 2014 Part 5

Part 5

Monday 3rd November 2014

Lots of new ropes

We arrived early morning in Dubrovnik and took the ship’s shuttle into the town. Under a cloudless blue sky we could walk around and enjoy this little walled city; a visit to the Maritime Museum was planned but it was closed so we sat in the sun for coffee before returning to the ship. We also took photographs of the nearby AIDA AURA and the GRAND CELEBRATION, which we understand is being bought by Costa.

Aida Aura just under the bridge

Costa Diadema stern, including our favourite Deck 5 aft

Grand Celebration

Grand Celebration

A nice sight

The rest of the day was spent enjoying the ship, until the 6 p.m. departure. As we sailed away we had an excellent view of the AIDA AURA and watched the GRAND CELEBRATION take a parallel route to us from Dubrovnik.

Grand Celebration leaving Dubrovnik

Goodbye Aida and Dubrovnik

Ships seen: Costa Diadema, Grand Celebration, Aida Aura, 2 small craft used to get to the local island, and fishing vessels.

To be continued...