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COSTA DIADEMA 1st November 2014 Part 8

Part 8

Thursday 6th November 2014
Today is my first-ever birthday at sea. I opened my cards from loved ones at home (I had special dispensation to be away…), my cabin steward made a funny hanging towel animal with a little note once he had seen my cabin, and prepared to enjoy the half day here in Naples, Italy. I could see lots of ships of all kinds, so today’s list should be lengthy despite the early morning damp air as we berthed. Vesuvius loomed over the bay with the usual ash cloud over it.

Rhapsody, ex Napoleon Bonaparte, viewed as we approached the Naples Maritime Station berth

Norwegian Spirit was already in port

Laid up lovelies I could see

Another view of Rhapsody through the early morning mist

Galesus the tug was in attendance

Going astern beside the Maritime Station, which allowed us to see lots of ships in the port

Marmorica of Toremar

Aida Vita in dry dock

Another view of Rhapsody, ex Napoleon Bonaparte

I could see dents in the hull midships

raffaele rubattino

SNAV Sardegna was already in port

Croazia Jet in the middle

More laid-up lovelies; I am now informed that the ALA is the former Clyde vessel MAID OF SKELMORLIE, built in 1953

Patrizia laid up

Rosa d'Abundo (ex Angelina Lauro b. 1981) sailed past

After a short walk to a nearby ferry terminal, we watched a few arrivals there.

Fauno, a local ferry, came in fast

We then returned to COSTA DIADEMA for coffee in the Chocolate House. The Chocolate Fountain in the glass case seemed not to be working still, and maybe the white-overalled engineers standing around it with screwdrivers yesterday had found a little problem. Ah well, the staff were able to provide fruit portions dipped in delicious chocolate and the most yummy and squishy macaroons in various colours so the coffee break was very satisfactory.


Macaiva of Gestur


An interesting line-up

Another unknown

What's that in the corner?

Palermo, I think. No, I'm informed this is Falerno, built in 1965, but laid up since 2011.

Super Flyte?

What is this?
The black-hulled ship laid up by the CROAZIA JET is the CAPRI. She was built in 1962 as the passenger and cargo ship BASILUZZO for the Eolian islands. She went to Greece as the CITY OF ANDROS with her sister VULCANELLO which became the CITY OF POROS. The CITY OF ANDROS eventually returned to Italy as the small cruise ship CITALIA, then CAPRI, registered in Madeira.

More unknowns

Teseo, something unknown, and Ievoli Sky

Two more unknowns

Driade arriving at speed

Salerno Jet arriving

Photos, lunch and a quiet time on deck prepared us for departure from Naples at 2.40 (late) under a navy-blue coloured sky. We raced away from the port at 21.8 knots, listing slightly with the swell and watching the mist become closer and cold, as we headed for Genoa.

By 6.00 p.m. our pre-dinner drinks on our favourite Deck 5 aft Bar were accompanied by a dramatic thunderstorm. There was sheet lightning all around the ship and the most torrential rain which bounced up from the deck and poured down from overhead gutters. The outside lights flickered and went out a few times and when we could no longer hear ourselves talk we retreated inside. That was all rather dramatic we thought.

A meal in the Pizza Bar was enjoyable, especially with gifts of Champagne, and a specially designed print of the COSTA DIADEMA by Roberto Bixio, issued for her Maiden Season 2014, and the company of good friends.

I returned late to my cabin to find a birthday card signed by the Captain, and a birthday cake with candle on the dressing table. What a kind thought from Costa, although too late to share with my companions.

Birthday cake

Ships seen: Rhapsody (the ex-Napoleon Bonaparte), Raffaele Rubattino, SNAV Sardegna of GNV, Norwegian Spirit, Ala next to Patrizia (old and laid up), Rosa d’Abundo (the ex-Angelina Lauro of 1981), Marmorica (old, laid up, of Toremar), Teseo in dry dock, Aida Vita in dry dock, Dimonios of Tirrenia, Trinacria of TTT Lines, Macaiva of Gestur laid up, Fauno of Caremar, Sindaco Malvito V, Ievoli sky next to Teseo, ARV 2 (ex-Diana 2, ex Meloodia), Agata of Medmar an ex-Tallink ship, Isola de Capri of Medmar, Adiona something of Toremar, Myriam laid up, Croazia Jet and various unidentified others

To be concluded...