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FERRYING IN '15, 25th June Messina

Thursday 25th June 2015

View from the hotel room

There was no need for an alarm clock this morning, as we had time for breakfast looking over the harbour of Messina before checking out of the hotel. The new tram service ran along the side of the bay so we could catch that to go along to the other ferry quay. We soon boarded the 8,383 gross tons car ferry VESTFOLD of Caronte & Tourist, which was built in Norway in 1991, for the journey across the Straits of Messina to Villa San Giovanni.


Walking on board

It was difficult to photograph the wall map of the Straits through the glass, but it gave some idea of the routes of the two services across the water. We could also see that the ship can hold 587 passengers.

Deck plan

Bar on board

Top deck

Map of part of the Straits



Then we found a notice board with the original heading of Skipsinformasjon on the top of it.

Approaching the quay

As we disembarked we could see the ship's original port of registry - Horten - just visible on the hull. Out in the Straits we could see the cruise ship SEVEN SEAS MARINER heading north.


The sun was shining and it was hot and comfortable and the colour of the water below our quay was a beautiful colour, as we waited to board.

Lovely colour water

VESTFOLD sailed back to the Messina side and another ferry sailed over to where we were waiting. This was the 1993 Norwegian-built TREMESTIERI, the ex-KONINGIN BEATRIX, at 5,042 gross tons, and I was pleased to see her original name on the hull.

Regent's Seven Seas Mariner

Tremestieri of Caronte & Tourist

Ex-Koningin Beatrix

Names on the hull

Onto the car deck

Down on the breakwater

I liked this skyline on board

The Bar


We saw several other ferries before we sailed back to the Messina side of the Straits, including an enormous China Shipping Line vessel.

Stretto Messina

Fata Morgana

China Shipping Line


Villa at a distance


Mirella Morace, with Vestfold in the background

Busy Bar

Cars on deck

Some more cars on deck

Tindari Jet, that we travelled on yesterday

Giuseppe Franza

Life ring

It felt like lunchtime by now and we decided to enjoy the air-conditioned self-service restaurant at the ferry terminal on the waterside. Its ice creams are remembered with great affection by some of my friends, I recall. The hot and cold dishes, and fruit, were very welcome today and fortified us for another bus journey back towards the Messina railway station.

Ships seen so far today: Vestfold, Stretto Messina, Mirella Morace, Giuseppe Franza, Seven Seas Mariner, Tremestieri, Fata Morgana, China Shipping Line vessel, Archimede, Villa, Tindari Jet, Riace

To be continued...