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SUMMER 2016 - July Ferrying, Part 5

Tuesday 19th July 2016
Here in Agios Konstantinos my day started with a blissful shower, followed by breakfast in the hotel dining room overlooking the sea. From my bedroom window I could look along the promenade and see two ships: APOLLON HELLAS of 2 Way Ferries and on the other side of her was MIRTIDIOTISSA, our ship for today, run by Aqua Ferries. She is the ex-AQUA MARIA, and we will be sailing at 9.30 a.m. to the popular outer island of Skiathos. We last sailed on her on 4th September 2012 (see Greece 2012) from Mesta port to Lavrio.

View from my room

In the other direction

Our hotel owner kept our rucksacks safely for the day, so we only needed our basics for the trip out and back, which would be 3 hours each way.

Apollon Hellas, 2 Way Ferries


The Salon

Deck Plan

The forward lounge bar

The attractive front of the bar

On deck

Logo on our funnel

Deck seating

Midships staircase

Going down

Agios Konstantinos town

The church

Greek flag flying

Funnel on Apollon Hellas

Well, someone was waving us off...

The ship is old and slow, but the views after we left were stunning as we went through a channel between mountain ranges in sheltered water. In fact this channel continued for perhaps half of the journey to Skiathos, always with the mountains around us, either nearby or in the distance. There was one turn as we headed out towards the sea, but after our 9.30 a.m. departure we could enjoy some of the details of the ship as well as the views from her decks. This was another glorious time at sea.

Apollon Hellas as we left

Rolling oh so gently (but not down to Rio...)

Approaching Skiathos

The port

On the car deck

Waiting to disembark

We arrived at Skiathos on schedule at 12.35 in tremendous heat of 33/34⁰ as it has been for most days, but the narrow streets provided shade as we searched for a particular Taverna Asprolithos, as recommended by Trip Adviser. It was in a lovely location higher up above the port, and the food was excellent.

Mirtidiotissa in the port

Welcome to Skiathos

Flying Cat 4

Local street

I thought this was worth 'record'ing

Express Skiathos

Express Skiathos getting nearer

Simi II

Flying Cat 5

Taverna Asprolithos

A little local cruise vessel, seen from the quayside

Express Skiathos leaving, as we admired the water colours

Back down in the port area we walked towards the picturesque castle; on the way we found we were in another tiny bay so had to go and paddle in the clear water. We then went to the castle ramparts and had cool drinks and admired the views across to another small island as various ships came in.

All too soon we had to get back down to the quayside as our ship came in, and we boarded MIRTIDIOTISSA to sail back to Agios Konstantinos at 6.15 p.m.

As we left the port, we could see the airport runway - and a lot of tyre rubber!

Goodbye Skiathos and the little castle

Flying Dolphin Delos

This was another lovely sail with the approaching nightfall throwing such different colour effects on the water and mountains around us.



Moonlight on the sea

Leaving Mirtidiotissa

Back at the hotel we collected our bags, said goodbye to the hotel owners and had to drive back south again towards Piraeus. Tonight we are staying at the Queens Leriotis Hotel, at Piraki, where we have stayed before. The views from the rooms are ideal for the early morning ferry arrivals and departures from the Great Harbour of Piraeus. Tonight I fell asleep instantly.

Ships seen in Agios Konstantinos: Mirtidiotissa (the ex-Aqua Maria), Apollon Hellas of 2 way Ferries.

In Skiathos: Flying Dolphin Delos (?), Express Skiathos, Flying Cat 4, Flying Cat 5, Simi II, vessel from Elisabet Cruises, Mirtidiotissa

To be continued...