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SUMMER 2016 - July ferrying, Part 7

Thursday 21st July 2016
I may have missed the gentle tannoy call for Corfu. Here on board BARI, sailing overnight from Bari in Italy, I slept on and was up on deck for our arrival in Igoumenitsa at 8.30 a.m., a little earlier than scheduled.

Map showing our route overnight from Bari in Italy to Igoumenitsa, Greece (the red spot on the top left-hand side to the lower red spot on the right-hand side)

The water like a millpond as we sailed towards Igoumenitsa

Cruise Europa leaving as we waited

Still on Bari's top deck

Forward view of the Terminal, with the mountains behind; there is one road out of the port

Leaving the ship Bari

Again it was hot and the blue sky was cloudless as we disembarked and headed into the town for breakfast. We could take photographs of PRINCE as she was in port, then wave to one friend who was taking another ferry locally and would join us in Corfu later today.

The ex-Isla de Botafoc, now Bari

The channel we came through

Bari reflected in the clear water

The nearby fire boat

Prince nearby

The ticket office for tickets to Corfu, plus sleeping dog

I and my other friend took the 10.30 ferry AGIOS SPIRIDON over to Corfu which was a lovely sail in such calm waters.

Agios Spiridon

On deck

On board

Comfy seating

Comings and goings

Flying the Greek flag

Porthole Prince


Prince and Bari

Ano Chora II

Prince, as we left Igoumenitsa


Lovely sight

Calm water

Disembarking at Corfu town

Once disembarked in Corfu town we took a taxi to near the Hotel Marina (City) where we are staying tonight. The bags were left and we walked up and along to a waterside cafe for coffee and views of the waterways. It was wonderful.

View from a Corfu cafe

Agios Spiridon on her way again

An ANEK ship

Agia Theodora

Back at the hotel later I washed one pair of cotton shoes and left them to dry on the balcony in the hot sunshine, then took to my bed for a rest. What a life! The other travelling friend returned and had to rest too.

Once we'd summoned up enough energy we set out for the evening and decided to try some white Corfiot wine in a nearby cafe. That was enjoyed and then we set off to locate another Trip Advisor suggestion. My diary notes say that it was dark by now and the food, service and wine at the recommended Taverna were really lovely. The heat, breeze and swallows were still everywhere. We walked along with the crowds, saw the famous Cricket Ground, the Castle, shops filled with tourist 'stuff' and finally made our way home to the hotel for a good night's sleep.

Ships seen at Igoumenitsa or on passage to Corfu: Bari, Prince (ex Prince Joachim), Superfast XI, Cruise Europa, Agios Spiridon, Kerkyra Express, Nikolaos, Ano Chora II, Lifkimi, Agia Theodora, an ANEK vessel in the distance

To be continued...