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Sunday 15th September 2013
Today on board LOUIS AURA we have almost a whole day at sea, sailing south from Istanbul overnight towards the popular Greek island of Mykonos, which is one of the smallest in the Cyclades group. We are due there at 6.30 p.m. and will stay overnight, leaving again about midnight on Monday/Tuesday.

Louis Aura deck plan

Again, the weather was hot and lovely, the sky cloudless and blue, and a relaxing day stretched ahead. I managed to get to breakfast before it finished at 9.30 a.m. then gathered my things to spend some time up on Venus Deck 2, doing nothing much other than drinking cappuccino or water and admiring the distant mountains, sea and sky.

View aft

Nel Lines at sea

The sea below me

Restaurant lunch was enjoyable – the food choice is excellent on here, and well presented. A restful afternoon, followed by tea on deck in the shade, prepared us for arriving at Mykonos. The windmills were soon visible on one hillside, and SEABOURN QUEST was also berthed in the cruise ship end of the bay. We came alongside with the usual efficiency from the Pilot and Captain, and in no time ropes were out and passengers were free to disembark. I think some passengers also ended their cruise here.

Arriving at Mykonos

Seabourn Quest

The tug came to stand by

Local craft

Champagne before dinner

Louis Aura stern

Louis Aura at Mykonos

The famous Mykonos windmills

Louis Cruises had arranged for coaches to be available to take people around the bay into the town so the ship soon seemed to empty but many also remained to eat on board and then visit the town.

I did both, and then returned to watch the evening’s entertainment on board.

The moon and Aura

A male magician put his very slender female assistant into a tall box and then appeared to cut her into four pieces. It may be an old stage trick, but when the female managed to wave one hand from the top of the box, and the other hand from one side, whilst the magician inserted seemingly sharp large metal plates through her and the box, it was very impressive. There was no blood and of course she came out almost smiling, so we all applauded. The speculation about how the trick was performed continued for some time.

Ships seen: a Nel Lines vessel at sea,
At Mykonos: a 4 masted vessel, a 3 masted vessel, Seabourn Quest, the tug Ifestos 1, Jetoil, and local fishing vessels in the little harbour astern of us