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Thursday 19th September 2013
We have two ports of call today, and the first one at Heraklion, on the island of Crete, meant we were up on the Bridge before sunrise. I see that my first photograph was taken at 6.28 a.m. as we approached our berth; we are to be back on board by 11 a.m. ready to sail for our next port visit in Santorini this afternoon and evening.

Louis Olympia and Louis Aura

On the front of our ship

After sunrise and breakfast we had an appointment to keep at a nearby berth: we had an 8.30 a.m. visit to LOUIS OLYMPIA (built in 1982). We were made welcome as we boarded the ship, and I remembered sailing on her for a long weekend when she was THOMSON DESTINY. (See blog entry for THOMSON DESTINY in December 2011)

Festos Palace

We were given a rapid tour of the ship, and I noticed that nothing major had seemed to change.

Pool & Sky Bar

View from the Sky Bar

Can-Can Lounge

Clipper Bar

Murals in the Oklahoma Bar

Seven Seas Restaurant

The Sky Bar was popular and well used, and we were given coffee in the attractive Clipper Bar whilst Crew Lifeboat Drill was held. I remembered the beautiful jewel-coloured original door handles remaining on the ship, and the wonderful piece of glass artwork in the Reception area, all of which I could happily have lived with!

Ruby-coloured glass

Wonderful glass artwork in Reception

Another angle and colour

Sapphire glass

Our visit ended and we were then free to walk along the harbour quaysides to photograph the ferries that were nearby. I saw them only on 1st September with my ferry friends but I enjoyed seeing High Speed 5 embark her last passengers and sail from Heraklion with a great whoosh of churning water.

Blue Star 1

High Speed 5

Golden Blaze


High Speed 5 leaving

English Channel Hoverspeed sisters together

Laid up and faded Golden Prince

Starward bell (1968)

Louis Aura in Heraklion, taken from Louis Olympia

Soon we were back on board and up to the Bridge for departure, this time heading for the volcanic island of Santorini and the caldera.

Ships seen: Louis Olympia, Festos Palace, High Speed 5, Golden Blaze, Masterjets, Blue Star 1, and the faded oldie ‘Golden Prince’

To be continued….