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LOUIS AURA (ex-ORIENT QUEEN) Part 9, the final one

Saturday 21st September 2013
After a short night’s sleep, I put my suitcase outside my cabin and headed for the Bridge. The sun was barely up but the light was increasing slowly as the city of Istanbul came in sight on the horizon ahead. The Pilot headed towards us later than expected, with what looked like white smoke billowing from his vessel.

Pilot approaching

We found out there was an early morning problem with, I think, the inhibitor in the engine. There was some gentle teasing as he came on board and entered the Bridge.

Soon we could see the famous mosques on the skyline as we approached the port and turned in a wide semi-circle to reach our berth at the cruise terminal.

6.27 a.m. Sultan Ahmed Mosque (The Blue Mosque)

Hagia Sophia (now a Museum)

Ready to ferry

Topkapi Palace Museum

An early ferry

Ahmet Hulusi

The World

Wind Star

Golden Horn Bridge

Costa Pacifica

We manoeuvred into position between COSTA PACIFICA and SILVER WIND, with ferries going about their business all around us across the Bosphorus.


We were alongside before 7 a.m. and could watch AZURA approaching her berth near us, but going oh so very slowly. How fortunate to be on LOUIS AURA, for so many reasons.

Ships seen: Wind Star, Costa Pacifica, Azura, Ahmet Hulusi, The World

After breakfast and fond farewells, it was time to disembark and get a taxi to Ataturk airport for a flight home to the UK. I had enjoyed time in Istanbul before sailing for a week on Louis Cruise Line’s little treasure, and had some amazing memories and photographs of my holiday on LOUIS AURA – lucky me.